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Gorilla Performance was formed to fill the needs of gearheads that strive for perfection. You no longer have to wait for quality brake related parts. We have filed our patents on only a few inventions. As our patents are filed, the parts will be available to the public. All parts by Gorilla Performance™ are made and assembled in the USA by American citizens. Black anodized parts are first polished before being anodized and are guaranteed show quality.

Gorilla Performance™ Bal-Bar™

All items named herein are Patent-pending
All instructions, drawings, parts, terminology, design and method are subject to
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Disclaimer: For Racing Application Only.
Warning: Do not drive on untested brakes. Periodically check system
after initial installation. If you are unsure on the proper installation
or testing, seek professional advise. 

Introduction: The Gorilla Performance Bal-Bar™ is designed to use with your existing brake and/or clutch pedals. It does not require special skills or tools and can easily be installed by anyone with mechanical skills. You will need basic knowledge of how a brake system works, and certain terminology to understand the instructions herein. With special permission we recommend you download the Brake Article ©.

The concept of dual master cylinder has been used for many years and has been applied to numerous applications.  Most race cars use this system, because it is the most efficient and simplest method for transferring brake fluid to the calipers. For optimum output we recommend you calculate the volume requirement of the brake system. In most cases two (2) .750” master cylinders will work with (4 piston) 1.75”, (4 piston) 1.88”/1.75” and (6 piston) 1.62”/1.12”/1.12” bore calipers or less. For other applications consult your caliper manufacturer. Our Bal-Bar™ can be used with any brake bias adjuster for quick adjustments during race conditions.

Pedal Ratio: Requires a 6:1 or higher pedal ratio. Measure the distance from the pivot point of your pedal to the middle of your brake pad; now measure the distance from the pivot to the brake rod hole; divide the short distance into the long distance. This will calculate your pedal ratio. To correct the pedal ratio, divide 6 into the length of your pedal length. Locate this distance on your pedal from top and drill a new pedal rod hole. Detail information can be found in the "Brake Article©" name herein.

Types of Pedals: Ford automobiles use a 1/2” stud with a pin, and most other cars use a .375” hole for a clevis and pin. The Bal-Bar™ assembly can be used with either application. Both applications require you to drill an additional 25/64” hole for the pin/cotter key.

Space: We have designed the Bal-Bar™ to fit most applications. If you do not have enough space between the stock brake pedal and the firewall, mount the Bal-Bar™ assembly on the other (opposite) side of the stock pedal. This is the reverse mount (see Side View Drawing: Proper Alignment Reverse Mount). You can also mount the firewall brackets so that the thinner bracket is on the engine side of the firewall. This will move the threaded rods closer to the clevis.

The Bal-Bar™ Assembly (#700130 Drawing 1): This part has a 1/2” hole for the Ford stud and a 3/8” hole for the pin/cotter key. On GM and other cars press the optional 7/16” nut-cert and use a 7/16” bolt to secure. This will require enlarging the existing 3/8” hole to 7/16”. The use of pin/cotter hole is required to maintain proper alignment of the master cylinder push rods. Drill the pin/clevis hole after you have located the bracket location as instructed herein. Adjust clevises to be 2.625” apart for correct alignment of push rods to the master cylinder. 

If you are having clearance problems the master cylinder location can be moved to the left simply by using a spacer between the Bal-Bar™ assembly and the pedal. Optional 1” billet spacers can be ordered under part number 700131.

Bal-Bar™ Brackets or Mounts (#700011 & 700012): There are two Bal-Bar™ mounts that are designed to mount the dual master cylinders on the firewall.

Location: Mount the Bal-Bar™ adjuster on pedal as shown in Drawing 1. Tape the existing master cylinder push rod hole in the firewall with masking tape. There is a .125"alignment hole in the center of the Bal-Bar™ adjuster for the alignment of the firewall mounted brackets (#700011/12). Measure and cut the alignment rod (#700150) so that is 1/4” short of the firewall when it is inserted in the alignment hole in front of the Bal-Bar™ adjuster (Drawing 1). Align the alignment rod perpendicular (90 degrees) from the fire wall. With the Bal-Bar™ adjuster in this position, you now have the proper location for the 3/8" clevis/pin hole on your stock pedal. It is important that the cotter pin hole be drill accurately in order to place the Bal-Bar™ adjuster. 

With alignment rod installed, depress the pedal, this will locate the hole on the firewall through the masking tape. The inner bracket (#700012) will also have a "locate hole" you can now use part number #700012 as a template to locate all the holes from the outside of your firewall. Use a 5/16" locating center punch, drill holes and repair firewall as needed. Install Bal-Bar™ brackets with lubricated stainless bolts. (Drawing 2) This will align the brackets directly inline with the clevis and 0.25” above the horizontal line. This will help correct the arc during the pedal swing. 

Master Cylinders (Drawing 2): The Bal-Bar™ brackets (#700011/12) can be used with any vertical mount master cylinder using 2.25" mounts. The two most common types of master cylinders are remote type, and master cylinders with an attached reservoir. To calculate your reservoir requirements, take the area of all your caliper pistons and multiply by the thickness of the pads you are using; this will give the total volume in cubic inches. The formula is 1.8047 c.i. to 1 oz. We suggest a minimum reservoir of 14 oz. when choosing the attached type. See optional master cylinder part numbers below. 

For racing applications we suggest you use Gorilla Performance™ Cool-Flow™ recovery system. This is the optimum system for short tracks or endurance racing. This system cools the brake fluid by dividing the brake lines into sectors. The temperature of each sector is regulated, so the tire pressures can be changed in the middle of a run.

The Bal-Bar™ brackets (#700011/12 Drawing 3) are designed to place the master cylinders the correct distance from the Bal-Bar™ adjuster, with the normal distance of 4" from the pedal to firewall. Drawing 3 shows three (3) different ways the brackets can be mounted, keep in mind this is a universal set up and any combination of the brackets can be used. Just make sure you position the bracket(s) correctly on the firewall by using the alignment hole. In some case there is to much under the dash to use inside bracket. Should your distance be longer you may need to add extensions to the pedal rod. This can be done with a 5/16" union and a grade 8 harden 5/16" rod. Do not use 5/16" all-thread for rod material unless it is rated at grade 8.

Brake Pedal Adjustment: Brake pedal should be free to return when no pressure is being applied. Sometimes the master cylinder's internal spring may not be enough to bring the pedal back to the undepressed position. To prevent this, use a spring return-spring, and a brake pedal stop. The brake pedal stop will prevent the master cylinder from hitting the snap ring located on the back of the master cylinder. This prevents the possibility of disengaging the snap ring or causing internal damage.

Clevis should be 2.625" apart (Drawing 3). Adjustment of push rods should be so the master cylinder is fully retracted. Failure to have the master cylinder fully retract, may limit the seal from passing the pressure relief hole. This can cause excessive residual line pressure and contribute to brake pads dragging.

Recommend Kits

710001 Bal-Bar™ Assembly with 2 HV MCs #9067640

710004 Bal-Bar™ & Clutch Assembly #610002 (3/8" Clevis) with 2 HV MCs #9067640

710005 Bal-Bar™ & Clutch Assembly #610003 (Ford Type) with 2 HV MCs #9067640

710101 Bal-Bar™ Assembly with 2 Black Anodized Girling Style Remote MCs #9060891

710104 Bal-Bar™ & Clutch Assembly #610002 (3/8" Clevis) with 2 Black Anodized Girling Style Remote MCs #9060891

710105 Bal-Bar™ & Clutch Assembly #610003 (Ford Type) with 2 Black Anodized Girling Style Remote MCs #9060891

Parts List:

610001 Bal-Bar™ Dual Master Cylinder Kit

610002 Bal-Bar™ Clutch Kit 3/8" Pin Mount

610003 Bal-Bar™ Clutch Kit Ford Mount

610004 Bal-Bar™ Dual Master Cylinder & Clutch Kit 3/8" Pin Mount (610001 &610002)

610005 Bal-Bar™ Dual Master Cylinder & Clutch Kit Ford Mount (610001 &610003)

610011 Bal-Bar™ Brake or Clutch Rod Kit for 3/8" Pin Mount (700241 & 700310)

610012 Bal-Bar™ Brake or Clutch Rod Kit for Ford 1/2" Stud Mount (700242 & 700310)

700011 Bal-Bar™ Dual Master Cylinder Front Bracket

700012 Bal-Bar™ Dual MC Inside Bracket with Alignment Hole

700021 Bal-Bar™ Clutch Front Bracket

700022 Bal-Bar™ Clutch Inside Bracket

700130 Bal-Bar™ Assembly

700131 Bal-Bar™ 1" Spacer

700140 Bal-Bar™ Clevis Assembly

700150 Bal-Bar™ Alignment Rod

700241 Bal-Bar™ Billet Clevis for 3/8" Pin for Clutch Application

700242 Bal-Bar™ Billet Ford Adapter for Clutch Application

700310 Bal-Bar™ Brake Rod 3/8" x 10" Grade 8 with Jam Nut

700323 5/16" - 24 x 3" Extension

704075 5/16" - 24 x 0.75 Stainless Allen Bolt

704200 5/16" - 24 x 2.00 Stainless Allen Bolt

705100 3/8" x 1.00" Pin/Cotter

705143 7/16" - 20 Clinch Nut

Optional Gorilla Performance™ Cool-tank™ Patent-pending

900084 8.4 oz Remote Brake Fluid Reservoir Black Anodized
Can be mounted side by side or stacked one on top each other.

Optional Master Cylinders

9067640 .750 ” with 14.8 oz Reservoir

9067641 .750" same Black

9067649 .750" same Polished

9067650 .875" with 14.8 oz Reservoir

9060880 .700" Girling Type Remote Fill

9060890 .750" Girling Type Remote Fill

9060891 .750" Girling Type RF Black

9060899 .750" Girling Type RF Polished

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