Gorilla Performance™

Bal-Bar™ and Cool-Flow™ Systems shown herein are Patent-pending and protected by US and International Patent Laws.

Gorilla Performance™

Gorilla Performance was formed to fill the needs of gearheads that strive for perfection. You no longer have to wait for quality brake related parts. We have filed our patents on only a few inventions. As our patents are filed, the parts will be available to the public. All parts by Gorilla Performance™ are made and assembled in the USA by American citizens. Black anodized parts are first polished before being anodized and are guaranteed show quality.

Dealer Information

Our Policy Requires:

1. Business License showing a commercial address;
2. Jobber $2500.00 initial purchase and maintain $2,500 per year in the GP line.
3. Warehouse Distributor $10,000 purchase and maintain $15k per year in the GP line.
4. MAP Policy is not to advertise less than List.
5. All order Net Receipt.
6. Written letter requesting dealership.

Contact Information

Gorilla Performance
Email: gorilla@gorillaperformance.com

Phone and Text 360-953-2701

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